Discussion Questions

  1. What resonated with you during the devotion in LG?
    1. (Martha or Mary) Do you sit at Jesus’s feet or do you let Him in your house as you do other things?
    2. What does resting in the Lord’s presence looks like? How are you choosing to be in His presence?
  2. As our time of retreating is coming to an end, how has your perspective of retreating/resting changed or expanded?
  3. Which of the spiritual practices will you consider incorporating into your QT, Sabbaths or devos? (Visio divina (image reflection), remembrance, affinities, devotions, testimonies, worship)
  4. What is one thing that you are walking away with?
  5. What is a prayer request you have? **

**We often ask for prayer for schoolwork, which is completely valid but sometimes that request doesn’t get at the heart of that request**