General Noraebang Etiquette:

Please wear headphones/airpods/earbuds etc. to prevent overlapping sound. Keep your video background, songs choices, language, and etc. appropriate or you may get muted and/or blacked out.

Spectator/Lurker Etiquette: Remain respectful and stay muted while someone else is singing and do not sing when you are not in line/performing and hype up the current performer through your videos and in the chat!

Change your Background

** If You Would Like to Sing:**

If you would like to sing, please use a laptop and not a phone device (features may not be available on iPhone) Join the queue on the right by entering your name & the song you will be singing. Make sure your name on the sign-up sheet matches your Zoom name so we know who to give permission to! Please wait at least 2 songs if you want to perform again.

When It’s Your Turn:

  1. Have your youtube video ready and loaded (POST ADVERTISEMENT)
  2. Make sure your audio is working and lowered to 50%
  3. Once you have permission , share your screen and audio
  4. Be sure to select “Share computer sound” AND “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip”
  5. Play the video and sing your heart out!

Note: To keep things moving, please skip long intros